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ready to break free of the constant cycle of stress & burnout?

Join me for a 4 week course where I'll teach you how to use your body's natural tools to heal from the constant cycle of stress, anxiety & burnout

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You're a high achiever, but always feel like you're running on empty


You have certain habits you don't like that developed to handle the stress of your lifestyle


You've tried therapy, prescriptions, and everything in between to "get rid of" your stress and anxiety


You're ready to make a lasting change and start enjoying all the small moments in your life

this is for you if:

4 weeks of videos, audio, worksheets, & guidance

what's included:

  • 4-week self-guided course, with new content released for each upcoming week 

    • Guided breathwork, movement, and mindset videos with a new focus for each progressive week

  • Journal prompts, affirmations, and accountability checklists to track progress and help you maintain focus

  • Weekly guided meditation audio to help achieve your goals 

  • One hour-long conscious breathwork session audio

  • Lifetime course access including all future updates & editions

Week 1: Breath Awareness & Foundation

  • Introduction to breathwork, movement, & mindset and their benefits for stress management and reduction

  • Understand your current baseline and set an intention for the next 4 weeks

  • Practice breath awareness and learn how it impacts both the body and the mind

  • Learn basic breathing techniques & practices

Week 2: Energy Levels & Stress Response

  • Explore the connection between the breath and energy levels

  • Learn how to release stress, physical and emotional tension through breath & movement

  • Learn breathing techniques to channel and release emotions

Week 3: Mindfulness Practices to Promote Calm

  • Uncover a variety of mindfulness practices & their uses

  • Find out how breathwork & mindfulness can be used to lower stress levels and promote relaxation

  • Learn how to integrate daily mindfulness habits and breathwork in a sustainable manner

Week 4: Integration and Maintenance

  • Learn how to integrate your new practices into daily life

  • Create your own personalized breathwork, movement, & mindfulness routine for ongoing stress management and self care

  • Reflect on any changes or shifts experienced over the past few weeks

Blue Skies

i'm ready to de-stress- sign me up!

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