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Julia sitting in a jungle yoga studio

Deep breath...

Nice to meet you! I'm julia

I'm a breathwork coach, construction nerd, and plant lover based out of New York City. My mission is to guide you in harnessing breath and movement to navigate emotions, connect with your body, relieve stress & anxiety, spark creativity, and so much more!

Curious about breathwork?

Breathwork is the conscious controlled use of different breathing patterns, exercises, and techniques in order to achieve a specific outcome. It can be used to alter or enhance both emotional and physical states within the body. ​Studies have shown numerous benefits to practicing breathwork including emotional release, the ability to process trauma, shifting of energetic state, and increased connection to feelings such as gratitude and compassion. Breathwork can be used to create new neural pathways and to shift old habits which no longer serve you. 

Julia sits outside in nature with one hand over her heart and one on her stomach
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Very calming setting. Julia was very helpful in providing context about the session, her background, and what I could expect to get from our time together.


"Julia facilitated an environment which lead me to feel extremely comfortable and safe to fully “lose myself” within the exercises. Her presence is extremely genuine, nurturing, and empathetic; throughout the exercises her energy and voice truly aided me in becoming more vulnerable to explore within myself. I can’t wait to take more sessions with her!!"


This was my first breathwork session ever, I felt very safe and connected. Julia facilitated the session wonderfully, and the pace was perfect. I loved the music theme and bringing the seasons into the work and settings intention for the session

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