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Hey there ✌

I'm Julia

I'm a breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor, and mindset coach based out of New York City. I'm here to help you discover how to use innate tools such as your breath to work through emotions, get in touch with your body, release trauma, and so much more!

I offer private & group sessions in the NYC area, and virtually

Breathwork facilitator and yoga instructor Julia smiling

My wellness journey

I started practicing yoga around 2003 after being diagnosed with scoliosis. I hated the brace I was given to wear and wanted to do anything possible not to have to wear it- or worse, to have corrective spinal surgery. My mother suggested I try out yoga and got me a book and dvd to follow along with- that was the beginning of my fascination.


Over the years yoga became something to turn to in times of stress & anxiety, and a practice for centering myself. I went to school for engineering and entered the high-stress world of construction. I loved the constant chaos of it, but as time went on I found myself growing more and more overwhelmed with the long hours and unhealthy lifestyle. There was never any interest in taking yoga teacher training until a friend mentioned she had done it just for her own benefit- as a sort of retreat. That idea stuck with me until I decided to take the plunge and signed up for my 200YTT in 2018. 


​I went into the training burnt out from construction and experiencing issues in my personal life, holding onto all sorts of pain- both emotional and physical. In one of the sessions we learned about how trauma & emotional pain can be stored in the body, and something clicked. I asked my instructor about this after the class, and she offered to guide me through what would be my first breathwork experience. The transformation I felt was so incredibly powerful- I was hooked!

Since then I've continued to use yoga and breathwork as tools for my own healing journey. I'm so grateful to have discovered how to help myself along on this path, and have become passionate about sharing my experience with others in the hopes of others having the same benefit. 

Why work with me?

Abundance is a mindset I strive to practice. Wanting more for others puts me into a state of abundance, and it's only natural that this applies to healing as well. I've been fortunate to train with some of the best teachers and healers to learn how to channel my own energy, heal trauma, and live a fully aligned life. 

I'm passionate about using the most basic and valuable tools- our bodies and our breath- as guides for working through problems. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but so are some of the practices that have helped guide our ancestors before us. I love using traditional wisdom as a supplement to help fill the gaps found in so much of Western thinking & practice today. It's my mission to help you release all the things holding you back emotionally and physically and to help you start living the life you were destined for. 


400 Hour Breathwork Facilitator Training, Breathing Space

16 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training, Exhale to Inhale

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Ashtak Yoga School


How to Teach Breathwork for Children, Breathing Space

Pranayama & Meditation self-practice, Gaurav Malik

Being Blissful Meditation self-practice, Kate Malik

Mindfulness Meditation study, Cambridge Center for Mindfulness & Compassion

BS Civil Engineering, Northeastern University

MS Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 badge
Breathing Space Facilitator Badge
IBF Member Badge
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