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Each of the offerings below are fully customizable- reach out to discuss bespoke offerings.

Services are available 1:1, couples session, or group session.



Breathwork might seem like the latest buzzy wellness practice but in fact it's rooted in tradition that's thousands of years old! Immerse yourself in the profound healing potential of breathwork.

Through guided sessions, you'll embark on a journey of self discover, emotional release, and inner transformation.

Whether you're seeking stress reduction, emotional balance, or spiritual growth, breathwork can help you achieve those goals.


yoga &
somatic movement

Experience the power of personalized yoga instruction tailored to your unique needs and goals. Private yoga sessions provide a setting where you can deepen your practice and receive individualized guidance. Learn how to connect mind and body in order to unlock your full potential on (and off!) the mat.

Instruction is available to all levels- whether you're a beginner seeking a strong foundation, or an experienced yogi looking to advance your practice.

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Cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and nourish inner peace through mindfulness practices. Learn the tools you need to build mental resilience, enhance focus and clarity, and foster a greater sense of inner calm and wellbeing.

If you've experienced difficulty meditating in the past, you're not alone! There are so many other practices to try that can provide the same benefits.


Contact me for custom quotes, packages, or workshop rates. I typically hold a few sliding scale/discounted spaces per month, please reach out to inquire about availability.


1:1 | 75 Min | $175

1:1 | 50 Min | $130

Available virtually or in person at Arrive Wellness or at client location (additional transit fee may apply)

Contact for group rates, workshops & longer sessions


1:1 | 55 Min | $130 (Arrive)

1:1 | 55 Min | $150 (Client's space)

Available in person at Arrive Wellness or at client location (additional transit fee may apply)

Contact for group rates or virtual lessons


1:1 | 30 Min | $45

Available virtually

Contact for in person or group rates

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